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Interactive Salesforce Marketing Cloud Demo with real Use Case

Most of you have seen some Salesforce Marketing Cloud demos before at events like the Salesforce World Tour, Essentials, roadshows or even Dreamforce. The problem with those demos is that they look very high-end and sofisticated and when you purchase such a product you come to the conclusion that almost nothing comes out-of-the-box. 

That is why we have tried to present a real use case only based on point-and-click functionality at our User Group meeting with The Belgium User Group and also with The Netherlands User Group.

All participants were thrown into a real customer journey upon registration and in the course of a month they received some emails (with personalised & dynamic content). Based on their engagement with those emails and several calls-to-action they followed the journey untill some of them converted from lead to customers and when the deal was won were shot into an onboarding journey.

We have used several different features from the Marketing Cloud that we will show you behind the scenes like Automation StudioContact BuilderJourney BuilderPersonalised ContentDynamic ContentSocial Studio and ofcourse integration with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud through the Marketing Cloud Connector.

I hope you'll enjoy the video!

PS: the video is in English except for the first 2 minutes, we forgot about that ;-)



In the presentation something went wrong at the end with gathering the feedbackresults. We used the wrong email, but we corrected the data so I wanted to show you the feedback results in here.

Final Satisfaction Result:

Some comments from the participants:

And a little present for the organisors:

Special thanks to the hosts of both events:

4C Consulting (Platinum Partner)

Absi NL (Gold Cloud Alliance Partner)

and also a special thanks to Gwendoline Cuppens (4C Consulting) for creating a nice little flyer to welcome our members "Reach for the Clouds"

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