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For those of you who create Visualforce pages to extend default Salesforce functionality and who want to be as close to the standard layouts of the user interface, this little baby might come in handy to know ????

When you create a pageBlock in VisualForce you might have noticed that the background is LIGHT GRAY when viewing or editing fields, but if you use the standard edit function for an object the background is WHITE!

How do you make sure that your VisualForce page uses the same layout styles and properties as native Salesforce functionality?

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Have you ever had the following business requirement?

You all know that when you submit a record for approval you can have an email notification sent to the approver with some mergefields of the record to be approved and a link that takes the approver immediately to the approvalpage.

But what if that email should also contain childrecords, like for example when you have to submit a quote for approval containing the QuoteLineItems in the approval request email, so that the approver can immediately decide without having to go into Salesforce to review what you are offering your customer.

Brian had some trouble with that and asked for help on the Salesforce Community and I wanted to challenge myself and give him a hand with it.

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