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As a Salesforce Admin you sometimes wish you could create a custom button on an object that does one thing depending on a certain condition or does something else if the condition is not met.

This is possible but mostly requires some javascript knowledge. A lot of new admins, including myself at one time, depend on an external consulting firm because it means you’ll have to use some sort of code.

My company depended on external consultancy for such requirements and after letting then create some, analysing their code, I actually can create them myself now.

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I guess it’s one of those features that you only get to know about when you get into a situation like I have ;-)

I call this a “hidden” feature because it’s one of those features you have to ask to enable through submitting a case at Salesforce Support. And if you Google hard enough with the right keywords you could find it. Let’s just say I didn’t for 2 months!!

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Preparing for a Salesforce Certification exam always raises the question "What do I need to study and where can I find any good resources?". 

As a good habit I developed over the last years I try to start the year of with a bang and getting a new certification always does the trick ;-)

So in this post I'll share the resources that I've used to study for the Salesforce Platform Developer I exam and what to expect from the exam.

60-70% of the questions I've got were scenario based, so you should have a good understanding of each topic referenced in the study guide. During the exam certain questions will leave you confused with more than one correct answer so read through the questions more than once before you select your answer(s).


Define your strategy:

Start with Salesforce platform developer 1 Certification study guide. Go through each section from the study guide to see if there is any specific area you need more knowledge on. Don’t rely on practice exams or exam dumps as they are mostly out-of-date and never replicates real exam. Sometimes those question/answers are just wrong. Salesforce has loads of documentation on each specific topic, so if you study hard and practice a lot in your developer org, you will do just fine!


Each section in the study guide is assigned percentage of questions:


  • Logic and Process Automation (46%)
  • Data Modelling and Management (12%)
  • Testing (12%)
  • User Interface (10%)
  • Debug and deployment tools (10%)
  • Salesforce Fundamentals(10%)



What to study?

First of all if you have access to a Premier Online Training catalogue or Partner Training catalogue do lookup the following online course:

Certification Preparation for Platform Developer I


It takes about 4 hours, but gives you a nice detailed summary of the most important topics and I actually had some questions that were clearly answered in this course! Highly Recommended ;-)  ;-)

I watched this course when I started to study and then watched it again the morning of the exam as a review.

Besides that I studied the following materials:


Logic and Process Automation

            Remember roll-up summary fields only work with Master-detail relationships, so as soon as you read that it's a lookup relation it can’t be a roll-up summary field

            Very important table in the Process Automation Trailhead Module which compares capabilities of process builder, workflow, approval process and visual flow.




Data Modelling and Management


Debug and Deployment Tools


Salesforce Fundamentals


User Interface



I also recommend unlocking all the Trailhead modules necessary to do the Apex Specialist Superbadge. I've done this and found it highly valuable, but I have to say that the Superbadge itself was a real pain in the **** and took me about 12 hours to complete :-(


I hope this helps anyone who wants to pass the certification exam! Good Luck!

For those of you who create Visualforce pages to extend default Salesforce functionality and who want to be as close to the standard layouts of the user interface, this little baby might come in handy to know ????

When you create a pageBlock in VisualForce you might have noticed that the background is LIGHT GRAY when viewing or editing fields, but if you use the standard edit function for an object the background is WHITE!

How do you make sure that your VisualForce page uses the same layout styles and properties as native Salesforce functionality?

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Have you ever had the following business requirement?

You all know that when you submit a record for approval you can have an email notification sent to the approver with some mergefields of the record to be approved and a link that takes the approver immediately to the approvalpage.

But what if that email should also contain childrecords, like for example when you have to submit a quote for approval containing the QuoteLineItems in the approval request email, so that the approver can immediately decide without having to go into Salesforce to review what you are offering your customer.

Brian had some trouble with that and asked for help on the Salesforce Community and I wanted to challenge myself and give him a hand with it.

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